High Potential Academy announces alliance with TRACKS. donderdag 26 september 2013

High Potential Academy and TRACKS Executive Search have signed a share purchase agreement to support HPA’s ambitious growth plans and increase their talent services portfolio. These services include training, coaching, volunteering, internships and temporary or permanent assignments, thus unlocking future leadership potential among top graduates from all Dutch universities.   Ruben van Zwieten, co-founder of HPA, on the alliance: “We’ve known Tracks executive search for some years now. They have a long and successful history of recruiting for senior management and executive positions. Their experience will help us immensely. We share the vision that talent will remain scarce and that top professionals will need continued support in finding the ideal next career move. Young professionals will be supported by HPA, experienced managers by Tracks. Different career phase, same approach!”   Reinier Brouwer, Tracks: "True top-class talent is a rare thing, whether among more senior managers or among young professionals just starting out in their careers. HPA encourages the development of young talent, and we support this wholeheartedly. Moreover, our cooperation with HPA allows us to spot true talent sooner, and we can track their development longer."   With this alliance Tracks supports HPA in strengthening their position as the country’s leading talent development agency for students and young professionals. Check for online version
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