This edition of Central Station I speak with Sicco Gunster. He dreamed of doing Medicine but ended up as a lawyer on the Zuidas. I want to know from him how you like Medicine in Law and what it is like to work as a lawyer at the Zuidas.

A dream job at the Zuidas by stupid bad luck

For this edition of the Central Station I am speaking with Sicco Gunster. He is a lawyer with Nauta Dutilh at the Zuidas. Where many dream of this job this was certainly not the case for Sicco. From high school he dreamed of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately he had bad luck. After three drawings, three decentralised selections and state exams in Belgium he was not allowed to do Medicine. I want to know from him how you get from studying Medicines to Law and what it is like to work as a lawyer at the Zuidas.

Bad luck

From Medicine to Law sounds like a big change to me how do you get there? ‘I’ve always wanted to do medicine, but actually because of stupid bad luck I’ve always been drawn out. Not only because of my interest in subjects such as Biology and Chemistry, but also because of the dynamics in a hospital. After high school I participated 3 times for admission to medicine and I participated 3 times in the decentralized selection. When the last attempt at the state exam in Brussels did not work out, I decided to do something else. Then I initially chose Pharmacy in Groningen because this, in my opinion, was the closest to Medicine. This turned out to be disappointing and that made me want to turn 180 degrees. Then I actually quite randomly chose to study Law and this turned out to be a great choice’.


Relatively many students doubt or even regret their choice of law or, more often, after completing their law studies. Like Sophie Deckers, speaker at Frisse Blik Talk 4. Have you never doubted yourself? No, quite the opposite! It took some getting used to in the beginning, especially with my exact background. The subjects turned out not only to go well, I also liked them! Certainly later in your study and you can specialize further. I think for many people it plays a role that you do a lot of repetitive jobs (especially in the beginning). You have to go through this for a while to grow professionally. In addition, I think the atmosphere at the office plays a major role.

GOOD choice

Especially the larger offices do more or less the same job. They distinguish themselves from each other by the atmosphere. It is best to find out if you already work there or, for example, during an internship. But you can also find out by having a cup of coffee, having a drink or going to an Inhouse event. Or talk to a career coach, they know many companies and often know how the atmosphere there is and whether it suits you. I did some internships at Baker & McKenzie and Clifford Chance and noticed that big firms are very similar. Especially the larger offices have a lot of young people working in the bottom layer, that really appealed to me.

In the end I started working at Nauta Dutilh because not only the work appealed to me but also the atmosphere is very nice. Now I am a year further on in which I have worked hard with training elements from the Bar Association, among others, gaining procedural experience and, of course, regular practice. A year in which there was also plenty of room for the numerous events from the Advolympics to the Race of the Clasics to all events that the office itself organized.


I think the most important thing is that you remain critical to yourself and your environment. Not only when looking for a job; does this suit me and do I have enough challenge here? But even during my work I keep asking myself whether I still like it (both in terms of content and social), is it still pleasing? Am I still developing myself in a positive sense? When the answer is ‘no’ more and more often, it may be time to look at other possibilities. Luckily I increasingly find out that I am perfectly in my place!

Finally, I always ask everyone if they have any tips for our community? Yes! Do not only focus on getting good grades during your studies. Other matters such as committees, relevant side jobs and social aspects can be much more distinctive.

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