Even in these crazy times, we are (online) available for your questions. We help you to study efficiently during this time, to continue your (personal) development and to prepare yourself for the job market. 

How to make the best of it when staying inside

Even in these crazy times, we are (online) available for your questions. Exams are cast in a different form, theses are postponed and some internships and jobs are even cancelled. Your mapped out path, which you had thought about so well, is (a bit) disturbed. ‘Are companies still looking for talent?’ ‘Can I keep applying for jobs?’ More important is that you approach this time in a structured and conscious way. We help you to study efficiently during this time, to continue your (personal) development and to prepare yourself for the job market. 

And of course, we also share fun links to laugh & relax.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun-Tzu

Get dressed
Get out of those pajamas! That sounds crazy, but it’s true. Your bed and laptop are so close next to each other when you work or study at home. It’s tempting to stay in your jogging suit all day. Unfortunately that doesn’t help the working atmosphere. So keep committing yourself: when you’ve dressed up, you’re at work instead of in chill-mode.

Study place
Look for a seperate place to work or study. It’s nice if this is a different room than your living room, so you can also walk to a room that is meant to chill.

Make a plan and set goals
Even more important at home than at the office: make a realistic day and weekly schedule and set goals for yourself. It’s true: this sounds a bit like your professor advising you on your thesis, but it really works! At the end of the day you will have a satisfied feeling. And the plus point: you can really end your day.

The biggest challenge of working from home is to stay productive. And we don’t mean cleaning your house from top to bottom. You can be productive by scheduling focus blocks. Put them in your diary, put away your whatsapp and (house)party and get to work.

Make arrangements with your housemates
Working from home is nice, but in these times you don’t always have the house to yourself. And that can lead to irritation. That’s why you should make arrangements with each other. Put your laptop or phone aside and discuss the situation with each other. Don’t do this once or twice, but regularly. That way no one will be disturbed unnecessarily and you know what day it will be.

Distraction! Finally you can clear out that kitchen cabinet or play the Sims 4 with all the expansion packs. Nothing could be further from the truth: you’re just at work. Just like at the office. But in the library or at the office, are you going to have a chat with friends or colleagues, make a phone call, or get some coffee? That’s right. Therefore plan several short breaks (10 min.) during the day. After that you will start again with a fresh feeling!

End the day
You’re your own manager. At the end of the day, check if you have achieved your goals, and what you can pass on to the next day. Be proud of yourself too! Studying or working at home is new and not always easy. Make sure you really finish your day. Don’t keep working until late, but cut off your to-do’s and close your laptop! Sit on your balcony or side walk, fresh air will do you good.

Keep moving!
Read on below.

  • Read, listen and must see-tips

Young, driven and promising. Last weekend’s special of the Financieel Dagblad (#11) featured the 50 young promises of 2020. Among these entrepreneurial talents with innovative ideas is Alumnus Derk van der Have, Co-Founder & CEO of Brenger. Read it here.

TED radio – The biggest questions of our time with the help of the world’s greatest thinkers.
Blinklist – Get insights from books in 15 minutes.
AlphaGo – How do we deal with a new kind of intelligence?
Hidden Brain – What drives human behavior?
The School of Life – Online talks, crash courses, inspiring blogs and useful videos.
Community LinkedIn book tips

  • Challenge yourself

Build a solution to the COVID-19 crisis. One of the most prestigious technical universities in the world, organizes a series of challenges to enable you to take action. Read it here.

Learn something new – An instrument, language, study or chess.
Code Academy – You can learn how to code.
Babbel – Language Challenge, learning a new language in 3 weeks.
Sudoko – Puzzle online.
Programming – Online course in programming. 

  • Time to relax

@gewoonmensen.nl – Because we are all just people who want to help people. This weekend we worked in the office of our Alumnus Marcus Groeneveld, COO & Co-Founder of Ciphix.
@tussenkunstenquarantaine – Homemade art, for when you’re working at home and the walls are closing in on you. Choose your artwork and use 3 attributes.
Virtual museum tours – Experience a virtual museum tour.

  • Inspire others

Have you started a great initiative yourself, are you taking the time for an online programming course or are you looking for a nice connection with another Potential or Alumnus? Share it with us! Mail or call Quirine.

Scientists emphasize: ‘Dutch people, keep moving’.

  • Living room athlete

It’s time for workouts, just in your living room.

Nederland in beweging – Or switch on daily at 10:10 on NPO 1 for Netherlands on the move.
Nike – We can train and come out stronger. Join all living room athletes.
Down Dog – Great yoga anywhere.
The Body Coach – Free workouts with Joe. 

Stay safe! Do you have any questions about your future, orientation or work related to the Corona virus? Call or email Quirine.

We wish you the best of luck in the coming period. Take care of yourself and your surroundings!

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