"High Potential Academy challenged me to be more aware of what I want and what my goals are when I look at my career." Read more!

Karima thought it was time to step out of her comfort zone

Karima (26) joined High Potential Academy through Studentflex (our sister company). Where she was previously looking for a meaningful side job through Studentflex, she has now prepared for the full-time job together with us. Karima thought it was time to step out of her comfort zone, look for counter-intuitive ideas and find out what she really wants for her career. For these reasons she connected with the network of High Potential Academy.


Karima’s background

Karima completed her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics in Delft. Besides her studies she did all kinds of other things. For example, she devoted herself to the Veer Foundation and was a participant in United Netherlands. Eventually she chose to study for her master’s degree in Engineering Physics as well.


High Potential Academy program

Karima completed the High Potential Academy program with us as a master’s student. She is now preparing for her first job. “I had a strong gut feeling about what I wanted and what I do well, but I wanted to be challenged in this. I felt the need to make my own choices instead of having it done for me.”

“High Potential Academy challenged me to be more aware of what I want and what my goals are when I look at my career. In Delft I was in a ‘technical bubble’. The sessions with other Potentials brought me new insights and that broadened my view. I have experienced the program as very valuable.” Karima now knows for sure that she is going to make a well-founded choice.


What is Karima doing now?

Karima has now completed her thesis and is orienting herself towards her first job. During her career she wants to be at the intersection of technology and people. She wants to start her career in an ambitious environment as an engineer, where she can have a positive influence in the field of renewable energy.

Karima is curious and has an enormous drive to be successful and make an impact, being the first Moroccan-Dutch woman to do so. In the future, Karima wants to continue to get the best out of herself and aspires to a role with great social impact. For example, in a leadership position where she can be controversial and share her opinion.

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