Our own employee Quirine de Planque gives her a fresh look. For years she practiced top-class sport and now she looks back on it with a lot of pleasure. Not only the fun things have brought her a lot of positive.

Motivation: don’t tackle back but tackle good

Young and reckless

Do you see it in front of you? A girl with two blond tails, twelve years old, on a spear splinter new Batavus bike with gears. Because yes, you got it once when you went to high school. A lot of motivation, hockey was her life. dressed in a pink ballet suit, with a tennis racket in her left hand on the way to the hockey field to romp with girlfriends on the field.

That was me. From an early age, I’ve always been sporty. I couldn’t get enough of it. With a lot of energy I hoped from one field to the other and then left with even more energy. Hockeying, tennis or ballet. I wanted it all.┬áSport was on one level.


Until, on a cold Sunday afternoon in March 2011, I made an action towards the goal, I heard something wrong. I lost the ball. From behind I heard my team-mate shouting at my tackle-back, but I couldn’t stand on my leg. My team won the match, I lost my front cruciate ligament. I went into the rehabilitation process with great courage. After all, I had one goal: to return to the field as soon as possible. This was quite a strange sensation. Where you have been working with a team for all these years towards the same goal, you are now all alone. My coach Nikie Welschen said to me at the time: ‘No matter how hard you work and no matter how hard it sounds, it’s out of sight’.


But through my own set end goal, I persevered. In the preparation for the second half of the season I was back on the field. Before I could be decisive again that season, I tore off my other cruciate ligament in a practice match. Bad luck? Could be. Or did I pay? Double and transverse. Well, I had to and would be back on the field as soon as possible. There was a good chance that we would participate in the promotional playoffs. One thing was for sure. Not such a lonely process. But how? So where do I get my energy from?


I often think back to this moment. You find out that you do and don’t do your thing, that your top-class sports behaviour is reflected in daily life, during your studies and in your work. You’re a team player, you love to get on with it, you’re sophisticated and you know what it feels like to win, but perhaps the most important thing is that you know how it feels to lose (and learn to go with it), which is so instructive.

A lot is expected of us nowadays and we still expect the most from ourselves. where I was previously driven by so much result, I try more and more to stand still in the process towards that one set end goal. I am not saying at all that you have to lower the proverbial ‘let down’, because that is how you remain driven. But, try to challenge yourself to be TROTS on the smaller steps forward in such a process. Tackle-good feels good!

Written by Quirine de Planque

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