My first year as a working full-timer is almost over. They say the toughest year: new impressions, wanting to prove yourself, finding your way within the organisation, a new rhythm. Fortunately, it's not as bad as the stories say it is...

On to the working life

My first year as a working full-timer is almost over. They say the toughest year: new impressions, wanting to prove yourself, finding your way within the organisation, a new rhythm. You sometimes hear horror stories about the working life and everyone shouts but ‘then your life is really over, postpone your student days!’ I listened well and was able to postpone my search for a job by one year. I was still the first person in my area to be allowed to work. I had no idea what to expect so I decided to just let it come over me. Luckily it is not as bad as the stories say it is…


With a bachelor communication in the pocket and twenty question marks over my head about the next steps in my career, I cycled 4 days a week to my old familiar restaurant. Postponement behaviour is what they call it. Eventually, it didn’t make me happy. The lack of challenge in my work and the irregular rhythm made me decide quite quickly to take action. Via via I ended up at Studentflex and within a week I was helped to become a working student at Uber. I fulfilled a role in which I provided support to the (potential) Uber drivers. A very nice next step, because I learned a lot in the field of communication and developed my presentation skills. I also got the opportunity to take a look at one of the fastest growing platforms in the world.

I worked at the European headquarters, so you can imagine that you alone learn a lot from working in general. To give an example: how do the lines of communication run within such a huge organisation? After six months of browsing around, I knew I wanted to look for a smaller solution. The dynamics and the speed of Uber appealed to me enormously, but I’m a team player and I’d rather walk by someone for a question than send an e-mail to that one colleague you only occasionally see in the corridors. With a lot of new energy from an instructive six months I continued my search. Actually, the answer was not far from me, because I soon came across the vacancy Junior Account Manager at Studentflex.


Three fun application rounds further on and a positive feedback from Studentflex, the ball was in my court. Suddenly I felt a slight panic. Panic about making the choice, because is it the right one? How do I know now that this is the job I studied for? How do I know now that this is the job that suits me well? Is this my dream job? The stress of the first and last question was totally unnecessary in retrospect. Because do you necessarily have to find a job for which you studied? No. Do you have to find your dream job all at once? Absolutely not. Well, and to get an answer to the question whether the job suits you so well, you can only do one thing: go for it and discover it!

A little logistical consideration also came to mind for me, because if I went for it I would travel five days a week from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and back. I saw it as a terrible obstacle but I wasn’t aware then that about half of the Netherlands does this every day so it’s more of a lucky thing to do if you work in the city where you live.


Looking back on the past year, the very first year as a full-time employee, I can say with full conviction that I could not have made a better choice. Of course it’s a bit of a changeover in the beginning.  And yes, I sometimes bale when the trains are not running, but overall working life has brought me so much more. I do something I really like and it gives you mountains of energy. And I learn something new every day so you see yourself grow and develop.

So don’t be afraid to miss the boat and make the choice. Don’t wait for that one clear moment or that dream job. Challenge yourself, throw yourself into the deep and just do it and discover! Believe me, having free time is not the only thing that energizes you 😉


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