People often associate a new fresh start with a new employer. Often, however, within the own organisation, great opportunities are much more to be seized than you think!

Opportunities lie ahead of you


January is traditionally the month in which good intentions are conceived. However, January is often also the month in which these good intentions are put on ice again. The first week the gym bulges out of the sponsors of the gym. Thus, the people who only keep to their good intention to keep more sports in the first week of January, are mentioned by the employees of the gym. I see with my friends, who have started dry January in good spirits, that the month lasted a bit too long and have already drunk their first beer. Besides these frantic attempts we also speak to many people who are also making a fresh start this year on a professional level and want a new job. We often hear that they are looking for a new employer but often you can make that fresh start just as well within your current company.


I came across this by an article in the Financieel Dagblad with how you can apply within your current organization. This article describes how you can apply within your own organisation and how this differs from applying outside your organisation. A new fresh start and a nice new environment can provide a lot of new energy and a nice challenge. Many people forget, however, that things are much more difficult to pick up than you think. This way you can often find this new challenge at your current company. Opportunities are not always outside the organization where you are, but sometimes just within your own organization.


This ‘contemporary’ way of renewal also fits the vision of Studentflex / High Potential Academy. According to our culture compass, contemporary stands for: ‘wanting to move forward, welcoming change and seeing the possibilities of every era’. When we place a student in an organization through a student position we always do so with the thought that in the future it could grow to a permanent position within the organization. If you look critically at your own functioning, you may find that you are learned within your current function. But within the company, where we think you fit well, there are often plenty of other opportunities to learn further in your career. This is what is important, keep seizing opportunities within your career.


The big difference between applying within your own organization and outside your organization is that this is often much more informal. This can be very positive because of the short lines that exist. However, it requires a lot of initiative, you have to see the opportunities and seize them. Managers are often willing to help you in your development. Opportunities are often much more to be seized than you think. The pitfall, however, is that you don’t ask! Examples of this we see at Studentflex / High Potential Academy often pass by. Take for example Sander van Ginkel, whom I interviewed for my previous blog ‘the senseless search for a dream job‘. He moved on from being a working student at Ubereats to a permanent position and is allowed to follow all kinds of courses to further develop himself. Or Lynn Stook, who chose Vandebron for the growing opportunities within the company.

Start 2019 with a good intention that you can keep up and take a critical look at your own performance. If you’ve learned a thing or two, take a look at what jobs do offer that challenge. The opportunities within your own organisation are really more to be seized than you think, you only have to take the initiative yourself! Of course, we can always help you with this!


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