Elske shares how High Potential Academy forced her to reflect more on her choices and motivation and how it taught her to listen to herself more carefully. Read more about her trajectory here!

Testimonial Elske: another direction?

Elske (24) has graduated in Marketing Intelligence. Two years ago she started the course of High Potential Academy in order to give more thought to the choices she made. Read more about her process and trajectory here:

After my Bachelor of Business Administration and specialization in Technology Management in Groningen, I decided to go for the Master of Marketing Intelligence. This master combined marketing with data analytics, which I found interesting and relevant. I soon realized that both data science and brandmanagement got my interests.

After one of the training sessions, I found out that I’m also very interested in Brand management. Besides gaining new insights from customer data, I also find it interesting to work with strategic and creative marketing concepts to create new things. I missed that creative next step a little. Many students will recognize that you can be ‘lived’ in your student days. You do a lot of things at the same time, but sometimes you don’t know why you do things anymore. The coaching helped me to think about choices: Why am I doing this? Where do I get energy from? This awareness helps me with making my choices. Something I’ve also learned from the process is that as a graduate you are also allowed to be critical about what you are looking for in a job. I have gained more insight into my talents and I am also sure that something will come my way.

At the moment I am actively looking for a job in brandmanagement or marketing intelligence. A brand manager releases new products onto the market and looks where customer needs lie. I like to work in a team and find an open atmosphere important, where mistakes can be made and there is room for new initiatives. The process helps you to listen more to yourself, which is extremely valuable.

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