Maud is discovering what she likes and would like to do later and decided to enrol at High Potential Academy. She explains how our Talent Development Coach is helping her. Read more about her trajectory here!

Testimonial Maud: where do I see myself working in the future?

Maud Hendriksen (25) has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Sciences and in Technical Business Administration. She has just started her master’s thesis in Biomedical Technology in Delft. Read more about her process and trajectory here:

I realized that my bachelor in Human Movement Sciences wasn’t challenging enough for me, so I chose a second bachelor: Technical Business Administration. I completed both and am now in the final phase of my master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. I’ve been looking for what I like and what I want for a while now, but I couldn’t find the right sparring partner in my immediate environment. I am at the beginning of the process, but I have good faith that High Potential Academy can help me in this process.

The first conversation with the Talent Development Coach was quite confronting: she challenged me to think better about myself. Before that, I had never had a conversation about the motivations behind my answers. Katy kept on asking questions and that were very instructive. I soon realized that this was going to help me. Through the assignment of my 360 degree feedback form I found out how others described me. Another assignment gave me insight into what gives me energy and what costs me energy. I realized that I need to better define for myself why I make certain choices. Although I have only just started the process, I am really excited. I have recommended it to all my roommates. I see it as a huge opportunity to better understand myself.

I haven’t quite figured out what I want yet, but I do have an idea of what sector I want to work in. The medical sector attracts me enormously, but this must also have a technical factor for me. I also understand more and more of what I don’t like: my current study is very research-oriented, so after completing my master’s, I might see myself going in a different direction after all. These are already valuable realizations for me.

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