Nanne had doubts about her master and the direction she wanted to go after that. She enrolled at High Potential Academy to get more clarity. Read more about her trajectory here!

Testimonial Nanne van Doorn: consultant, lawyer or politician?

Nanne van Doorn (23) realized that her master’s wasn’t challenging enough, but also didn’t know which way she wanted to go: consultancy, the legal profession or politics? Through a fellow student, she came into contact with High Potential Academy. Read more about it here:

After my first year of University College in Rotterdam (International Relations and Philosophy), I decided in my second year of study that I wanted to start a second bachelor’s degree in Law. At the moment I am doing the master International Business and Climate Law, but halfway through the year I was in doubt about my career and whether I should do a second master’s degree. A fellow student recommended High Potential Academy. So far, it has helped me enormously in clarifying what energizes me.

The one-on-one coaching is super valuable to me, I was very reassured after the first conversation. It’s all about you and it helped me to get more clarity and direction. I’m always doing 10 things at once and that caused a lot of unrest. During the conversations and training sessions, I was able to list very clearly what I find important and what doesn’t give me energy. A direct result of the coaching conversation is that I created my own job as a student-assistant during my studies, so now I can make use of my master’s the way I want it. I also got to know inspiring people during the trainings, which I still have contact with. That, too, is the added value of High Potential Academy. The trainings require a lot of self-knowledge, but so far they have been really useful at a high level for me.

I know now that I don’t want to do a second master’s. I want to use my experience and education to solve big problems. I think it would be very cool to develop myself within strategy consultancy first and hone my problem-solving skills. However, my real dream job is to be European Commissioner – then you’ll be representing the general interest of the European Union à la Frans Timmermans. There are few jobs that demand so much of you, but I want to make a high impact. Representing different interests and adding real value, that’s what I want to do in the future.

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