Ruben talks about the doubts he had about starting his own company or a traineeship. High Potential Academy helped him understand what energizes him and what is important to him. Now he has his own company: AYCE. Read more about it here!

Testimonial Ruben: traineeship or own company?

Start with a traineeship or start a business? Ruben hesitated after his master’s and therefore decided to follow the course at High Potential Academy. Read more about his process:

“After three years of Business Administration and a board year at the study association, I started my Masters in Supply Chain in Rotterdam. During my graduate internship at Heineken I researched the efficiency of packaging lines. Although I was then offered a job at Heineken, I also had the opportunity to take over a small company. I then started working full-time for AYCE, an ice cream brand that makes cocktails in sorbet form with 5% alcohol”.

“When I came back from abroad, I was very much in doubt as to whether I should continue. Wasn’t a traineeship something for me? The conversations with Katy and Lavy helped me enormously: I found out what gives me energy and what I really find important in working life. I found out that I find freedom in decision making very important and that I get my energy from practical and pragmatic thinking. That’s when I made the choice for entrepreneurship.”

“It is very satisfying to make a product which I have developed myself and which I fully support. I am now satisfied with my choice. In addition to my own company, I give advice one day a week on the establishment of a company and which suppliers can be selected best. This is in line with what I did at Heineken. I find the uncertainty of an unstable income challenging, so this way I find a good balance. In the long term, I want to continue with projects where I can continue to use my creativity and entrepreneurship”.

Visit the website of Rubens cocktail sorbet company: AYCE.

Written by Quirine de Planque

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