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"The High Potential Academy showed me how to look at my potential career paths in a refreshingly different way. Interesting profile interviews and great coaching conversations mean that I'm going to make much more conscious decisions in future. I thoroughly recommend the High Potential Academy course."

Erwin Koning | Potential & Associate - Started Februari 2015

"About to graduate - now what?! A couple of months ago, I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do or what I wanted from my first job. The broad range of training courses, conversations, appointments with my coach and the rest of the guidance from HPA ensured that I was able to make carefully-considered decisions and that I was able to start work only 1 month after I graduated!"

Kiki Jansen | Potential - Started January 2018

"When I moved to Amsterdam in 2016, my sister advised me to register straight away with High Potential Academy. Since it's never too early to start making connections and expanding your network, I took her advice. I noticed immediately that HPA asked the right questions to get me to see what it was I was looking for. Given that my background is in Business Studies, and I have a master's in Strategy and Organisation, I was interested in all sorts of companies and positions. Through profile interviews, job orientation training, job interview training and an in-house day at Adyen, I found what I was looking for in my professional life. The insights that the High Potential Academy gave me and the contacts those sessions provided are of inestimable value to me. Whatever your field of interest, I would recommend this process to everyone."

Loet van Veghel | Potential - Started September 2016

"I can remember my first day at HPA: the job interview training. Twelve graduates, all suited up: it felt like the first day at school! There was a certain tension; a kind of contest. It was immediately clear that everyone was ambitious, wanted to get good grades and build a good CV. After a while, it turned out that everyone shared a certain insecurity about their future. That surprised me; weren't these the hip young people who were so sure of themselves? I immediately felt at home. Both the coaches and the potentials at HPA have taught me that it's good to be critical at a job interview, that you also need to know what you don't like. It's good to look for what it is you do appreciate. Just two weeks after graduating, I had a job. Did I expect that? No. Could I have done it without help? Probably not. It's cool to know you're not alone, and even cooler if you get a bit of extra motivation along the way."

Pim de Vente | Potential - Started may 2016

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