Maurits ter Poorten

Commercial Manager

Maurits ter Poorten is our Commercial Manager

After his Master Financial Economics, Maurits decided to go off the beaten track. He leaves behind the advice of people around him to join a large bank. Because of his curiosity he opts for entrepreneurship. A temporary employment agency. But one that is actually based on the strength of the candidates. The logical next step was a development agency that gives talent a broader view of itself, the labour market and society: the High Potential Academy. Through Maurit's sincere interest and critical eye, candidates and partners can find a sounding board in Maurits while he motivates them to look critically at themselves and their careers.

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Sincerely interested manifesto


Oprechte interesses, duurzaam verbinden en moderne technologie├źn. Onze eigen medewerker Maurits ter Poorten geeft zijn Frisse Blik.

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Why a student workership


Studentflex / High Potential Academy is the student temporary employment agency that focuses on substantive and structural jobs. Do you choose a job through us?

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